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"IFOS Paris 2017 - ENT World Congress" is waiting for you !

The World ENT congress, taking place in Paris, in June 2017, will be an essential event for the ENT worldwide community, regardless of nationality and type of practices.

This event is under the sign of a triple mission:

- Diversity of practices and resources around the world

- Innovation to link basic science and clinical research

- Evaluation of quality of care, leading to worldwide guidelines.

Discover the second annoucement of the IFOS 2017 Congress.

Bernard Fraysse – Chairperson
Frédéric Chabolle – Secretary-General
Jean-Marc Juvanon -Assistant Secretary-General
Gabrielle Souplet– Director of Operations
Fanny Héricourt – Marketing Executive


December 5th 2015: Beginning of Abstract Submission

Exhibition and Sponsoring

June 1st 2015: Beginning of Commercialization

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June 1st 2016: Beginning of on-line Registration

Telephone:+33 (0)1 44 64 15 15


Place : Alfredo Kraus Auditorium / Spain

Date : 29/11/2017 - 02/12/2017

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It is out pleasure to invite you to join the 31st Politzer Meeting Society & the 2nd Global Otology Research Forum that will take place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands - Spain) from November 29th to December 2nd , 2017.

This meetings will focus in presenting the latest researches studies and developments on the otology and neurotology fields. It will be also a chance to exchange the experience and knowledge from professionals coming from all over the world.

The Conference Board is fully committed to offer these events the highest scientific and organizing levels and wishes to welcome you personally in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria next November 2017.

Prof. A. Ramos Prof. M. Manrique
Organising Committee
Chairmen: Prof. A. Ramos, Prof. M. Manrique
General Secretary: Prof. C. Cenjor
Treasurer: Prof. C. Morera
Guest of Honor
International: Prof. B. Gantz (USA), Prof. J Magnan (France)
National: Prof. F. Antoli-Candela (Spain), Prof. E. Garcia-Ibanez (Spain)


22 al 26 de octubre del 2017

Montevideo - Uruguay.



Secretariado - VERANATURA
Rua Augusto Macedo, 12-D Escritório 2
Cristina Vicente
Telf.: 217120778/79/8, 217120204



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