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American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery Foundation Committee Minutes


Committee:    Panamerican Committee


Date & Location:    Sunday, September 23, 2008, 12:30 pm—1:30 pm, McCormick Place Convention Center, Hall E, Chicago, IL


Committee Charge: The Panamerican Committee is charged with giving advice, when requested by the Board or its representatives, on ways to better communicate with otolaryngologists and allied health personnel in Latin America, by:

·         Encouraging attendance at the AAO-HNS Foundation’s Annual Meeting and other meetings;

·         Increasing recruitment and retention of new members from Latin America including International Fellows, Members, and Resident Members;

·         Conveying the AAO-HNS/F message to Latin American audiences, including through translated materials on the Web, at meetings, and marketing materials;

·         Providing advice to the International Steering Committee with regard to areas of maximal educational interest for the Latin American constituents of the AAO-HNS Foundation; and

·         Aiding the International Steering Committee in its commitment to serve the International Corresponding Societies in Latin America.


Members Present:    Ricardo Ferreira Bento, MD PhD; Roy R Casiano, MD (chair); Edgar Chiossone-Lares, MD; Roxana Cobo-Sefair, MD; Ramon Crespo, MD; Antonio De la Cruz, MD; KJ Lee, MD (board liaison); Marcos Mocellin, MD, PhD; Graciela Pepe, MD PhD; Ernesto Ried-Undurraga, MD; Hector E Ruiz, MD; Frida Scharf De Sanabria, MD; Diana Tobon, MD Guests: Simon Angeli, MD; Nikhil J. Bhatt, MD; Beltran Ruiz, MD; Staff liaison: Catherine R. Lincoln, CAE, MA (Oxon).


Members Absent:     Gerardo Rene Barillas, MD; Roberto Batista-Genao, MD; Manuel S Bernal-Sprekelsen, MD PhD; Carlos-Mario Boccio, MD; Daniel Bross-Soriano, MD; Jose-Roberto Castro, MD; Fernando Luiz Dias, MD PhD; Carlos M Echeverria, MD; Luis-Felipe Encarnacion, MD; Gloria Ribalta, MD; Aldo Eden Cassol Stamm, MD, PhD


I)       Dr. Casiano called the meeting to order at 11:30 am. The committee affirmed the charge and the AAO-HNS/F conflict of interest and antitrust compliance policies. The committee reviewed and approved the past minutes.


a)      Dr Casiano welcomed committee members and guests.

b)      He announced that Daysi Enriquez, MD of Nicaragua as the Latin American recipient of the new International Visiting Scholarship. Kattia Moreno-Giraldo, MD (University of Cincinnati) of Chile received an International Travel grant, which the committee awards only to first-time attendees.

c)      Regional Advisor for Latin America: Dr. Stolovitzky is the newly appointed Regional Advisor for Latin America on the new International Steering Committee. He will act as a liaison for the region to represent its interests to the Steering Committee and the Board of Directors.



II)     Committee Work Plan

goal update (briefly describe work completed in the prior year)


Close cooperation between Academy’s Panamerican Committee, the Panamerican Association, and Panamerican Congress. Congress in Quito, Ecuador, June, 2008 an outstanding success

Dr. Saunders presented a symposium as a joint meeting of Academy and Panamerican Association,

Quito, 2008

Thanks to the Congress organizers, Academy staff distributed AAO-HNSF educational materials in


Annual meeting email announcements sent in Spanish. Panamerican Boletin carries Academy



All goals completed

new or revised Goals for the coming year

Person responsible


1. Organize joint meeting in Latin America

Dr. Hector Ruiz

December 2009

2.Virtual lectures, through Intramed

Dr Hector Ruiz

December 2009

3. Present a miniseminar at the Annual Meeting, San Diego, sponsored by the Panamerican Committee

Dr Hector Ruiz

October 2009



III)  Open Issues and New Business


IFOS World Congress, Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 2009—Investigate cheaper AMA CME credits

Action items

Person responsible


Profs. Bento and Mocellin need to find Class 2 and 3 AMA CMEs.

Dr Nikhil Bhatt

December 2008


Improving the Academy meeting for Latin American attendees

Action items

Person responsible


Dr. Scharf recommended quick precise information on how the AAO-HNS meeting works, with instructions on how to proceed. The Academy is adding Google Translate to web pages, starting with the meeting page.

Academy meetings and web staff

Ongoing until October 2008






IV)  IFOS World Congress: Professors Bento and Mocellin presented a visual update on the 2009 World Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which has received 2,025 advance registrations. Program criteria include ad hoc committees and scientific publications. The exhibit hall of 120,000 square meters has one or two free spaces left. They have explored offering AMA CME for US attendees, but it is expensive (about $40,000). Dr. Bhatt noted that Class 2 and 3 CME credits are cheaper and help to write off the cost of attending.


V)    Panamerican Congress: Drs. Benjamin and Luis Macias are organizing the 2010 congress, Hilton Cancun, Mexico, March 21-24, 2010. The Academy hopes to have a Joint meeting as it did in Quito this year. There will be pre-congress courses (1-hour course and panels.)


VI)  Committee views on the Academy meeting included cost of hotels, use of shuttle vans. It noted improved signage, and Academy email communications in Spanish. Dr. Tobon noted that in San Francisco there were cheap hotels on shuttle route. Dr. Scharf recommended quick precise information on how the AAO-HNS meeting works, with instructions on how to proceed. The Academy is adding Google Translate to web pages, starting with the meeting page.


Lastly, the committee recommended to inviting Spanish-speaking Academy staff to Panamerican Committee.


VII)           Adjournment


a)      Work Plan 2008/2009: Dr Ruiz thanked Dr Casiano, outgoing chair for his leadership, and introduce the proposed 2008/2009 work plan.

i)        First, to increase the number of joint meetings in South America, such as with Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, based on his experience of organizing two meetings in Argentina with US speakers.

ii)       Second, to launch a virtual congress with a monthly Internet lecture. This web conference with other countries would be very interesting. He has found a company, Intramed, to film conferences, would need sponsorship to film, and then transmit.

iii)     Third, to present a miniseminar next year in San Diego. He would like to see presentations in Spanish. Dr. Stolovitzky noted that the International Steering Committee endorses a significant increase in the number of joint meetings. The committee passed a motion to welcome this initiative.


b)      The next scheduled meeting will be at the 2009 Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO, San Diego, California, October 4-7, 2009 (date/time/room to be determined)


Submitted by: Catherine R. Lincoln, CAE, MA (Oxon), October 16, 2008




2009 - Asociación Panamericana de Otorrinolaringología